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MAAI Phase 4 Official

August 30, 2014

Off and running

Summit_photo1The Summit on Arts Education held at USM, July 29-August 1 officially marked the start of Phase 4 of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI). The Teacher Leaders (new from phase IV and returning from the first three phases) are busy creating workshops to provide for educators across the state. MAAI has 38 active Teacher Leaders this school year. Locations are being determined and dates are being selected for the mega-regional workshops for the 2014-15 school year. Plans are underway. Stay tuned for the details of the next phase.

Just a reminder: every other year we have the statewide conference so that will NOT be taking place this October. Hopefully you can attend a regional and mega-regional (or perhaps more than one) workshop somewhere in Maine.

The MAAI is proud of the work that Teacher Leaders are doing, they are the HEART of MAAI. The names, disciplines, and schools of the Phase IV Teacher Leaders are included on the Who We Are page at the new MAAI website recently launched. If you have a question feel free to contact them. Each of them are wonderful resources. You might be considering taking a leadership role and joining as a Teacher Leader ,but aren’t quite sure. Please email me or any one of the MAAI Teacher Leaders or Leadership Team members. You can find their contact information on the Who We Are page as well.

If you haven’t had time to go to the Maine Arts Assessment website yet, please do. There is all kinds of information that can assist you in getting started with your school year. The MAAI is a program of the Maine Arts Commission.



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