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Wisdom of the Group

October 18, 2014

What’s it all about?

IMG_0989The feedback is clear, every time the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) provides professional development opportunities for educators.  I hear how important it is to be together with like-minded educators. Educators that teach similar content and/or grade levels. Communicating, collaborating, creating, and simply coming together is soooooo very important to everyone who participates. Arts teachers say over and over and OVER how valuable it is to have the opportunity to talk about teaching! Sharing ideas, stories, exchanging emails, and learning so much from each other.  And, yes in many cases, follow-up afterwards and the communication continues. I am forever impressed at the connections that are forged during the MAAI gatherings. Kudos to the Maine Arts educators – it is sooooo very coooool to work with all of you! I am so fortunate!! Thank you!


I love this piece, it gives me a glimpse into why communicating and bringing arts teachers together is an essential key to the success of Arts teachers and ultimately, students are the big winners!

“In the face of the unknown—the always nagging uncertainty about whether, under complex circumstances, things will really be okay—the builders trusted in the power of communication. They didn’t believe in the wisdom of the single individual, of even an experienced engineer. They believed in the wisdom of the group, the wisdom of making sure that multiple pairs of eyes were on a problem and then letting the watchers decide what to do.”       ~ Atul Gawande

IMG_0967During the next several months arts teachers will have multiple opportunities to come together at the MAAI Mega-regional workshops. The dates and locations are below. Please watch the blog for registration that will be opening in the very near future.

Mega-regional workshops 2014-15 school year

  • Tuesday, November 25 Mount Desert Island High School
  • Friday, March 6 Aroostook county
  • Friday, March 13 Oxford Hills Middle School South Campus
  • Thursday, April 2 UMaine, Orono
  • Friday, April 3 University of Southern Maine, Portland


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