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Benefits of Field Trips

October 24, 2014

Study: Culturally enriching field trips increase knowledge, tolerance, and the ability to read emotions of other

This is reprinted from EducationNext

As schools narrow their focus on improving performance on math and reading standardized tests, they have greater difficulty justifying taking students out of the classroom for experiences that are not related to improving those test scores. Culturally enriching field trips are being cut in schools without a clear understanding of what students may be learning from those experiences.

In a new study, Greene examines the impact of assigning student groups by lottery to see high-quality theater productions of Hamlet or A Christmas Carol. This is the first randomized experiment to discover what students get out of seeing live theater.

The study, “Learning from Live Theater: Students realize gains in knowledge, tolerance, and more,” will appear in the Winter 2015 issue of Education Next is available now on

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