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College Fair

November 10, 2014

National Portfolio Day – Boston


Flanked by two representatives from Lesley University are L to R Boothbay High School art teacher Manon Lewis, senior Courtney Brewer, and her Mother Patricia Brewer

Every year, and always on a Sunday, in the fall, Manon Lewis, Boothbay High School art teacher takes a group of interested students to National Portfolio Day in Boston. This is a “college fair” for students who plan to attend (or are simply interested in) colleges that offer majors in the fine arts, design and architecture.

Art schools from across the country have representatives who evaluate and give input to students who offer up their portfolios. In addition, it can simply be a way for younger students to pick up catalogs and other information about various schools. The event used to be held, on alternating years, at the various art and design colleges located in Boston. But, over the years, the event has become so well attended (and huge), that it can no longer be housed on a college campus and is now held at the Hynes Convention Center. This year it was held on October 19th.

Manon travels with her students on the Concord Trailways bus from Portland to Boston and then take the “T” from South Station to move around the city.  Many of her students attend several years running in order to work up the confidence to have their portfolios critiqued. And on several occasions, Ms. Lewis has had students accepted to colleges “on the spot”, on the basis of the work in their portfolio. This is almost as exciting for me, as it is for them! This year one of my students was accepted for the major of “Animation” on the merit of her portfolio, at Lesley University.  Her mother also came with us to Boston and was as thrilled as her daughter! (see photo)


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