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Car Talk

November 26, 2014

Three-Speed Potter’s Wheel

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 12.10.50 PMHow many of you listen to NPRs Car Talk? I can see many hands in the air across the state of Maine right now. If you are a regular listener you probably heard this weeks recorded show #1447 entitled “Three-Speed Potter’s Wheel”. A caller needed some assistance in following directions that he had read in a magazine about making a potter’s wheel out of car parts. Specifically an old car transmission. One of the funny lines is: “Reverse could come in handy next time he mis-throws a pot!”

It is not only funny, as all of Tom and Ray’s recorded shows are, but also a fascinating idea to hear about. We talk about STEAM, this would be a great collaborative integrated lesson/unit that would dig deep in both the engineering and art world. And, talk about 21st century skills! Problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and much more would be needed and developed. And on top of that it would be practical and real-life hands on learning.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 12.10.02 PMEven if you don’t decide to do this with students I highly recommend that you listen to the recording, if you missed the show on Saturday morning. It is great, classic Tappet brothers. You can access the recording here



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