MMEA Jazz Festival

January 15, 2015

Intense, Exciting, Fascinating

IMG_1529I was so impressed when I visited Scarborough High School last Friday. The 2015 All State Jazz Festival was taking place. The students were engaged and enjoying the learning opportunity. The teachers were focused on a variety of topics including Proficiency-Based Education conversations, and the school was a beautiful setting for the event!

IMG_1534We all know that, for the most part, all the students who were there was because they’ve worked hard. For many of them, they have been intensely working for several years. We also know that for some they’ve are fairly new in the jazz arena and this opportunity provided all of them a chance to expand and build on their knowledge and past experiences in the music world.

Maine Music Educators Association president, Pam Kinsey, said: “The festival was an inaugural year of the Treble Choir at Jazz All State. These two groups, along with three instrumental groups, gave FANTASTIC performances and are to be commended, along with their guest conductors and their home music teachers for a truly inspiring weekend of music making. Congratulations to all!!”


Below is a clip of rehearsal with the Treble choir.

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