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Middle Schooler on the Piano

January 16, 2015

Joshua Chung

4BB1F98E-09AA-441C-AD6B-35CD239B59F4On the “WERU Family Radio Hour” on Saturday, January 3 twelve year old pianist Joshua Chen of Belfast was interviewed. He was interviewed by one of the shows host, Scot Cannon, who also performed during the radio show, WERU, 89.9 FM/99.9 FM. The show is aired each Saturday at 10:00 am. You can access the recorded show is located at

Joshua is a 7th grader from the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast and has been studying piano since he was seven and is currently a student of Belfast piano teacher  Nancy Riesco. Joshua also plays trumpet in the the Troy Howard school band under the direction of David Coffey.

The recording was done at the Belfast United Methodist church where his father Jinwoo is the pastor. Jinwoo and Joshua’s mother Heywan were the audience for the session.

The remainder of the” Radio Hour” is filled with musical examples showing the wide appeal and versatility of 88 black & white keys.

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