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Turnaround Arts

February 1, 2015

Report released

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 8.06.49 PMThe President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities program, Turnaround Arts Initiative, engaged external researchers to track metrics for school improvement. The report was just released and shows broad improvements across several areas of students’ academic and performance, including surges in reading and math scores, an increase in attendance and a decrease in suspensions.

The eight schools that participated in the pilot phase of the Turnaround Arts Initiative were evaluated by researcher Sara Ray Stoelinga of the Urban Education Institute at the University of Chicago, Yael Silk of Silk Strategic Arts, and a team at Booz Allen Hamilton.

The researchers found between 2011 and 2014, students at Turnaround Arts schools demonstrated significant progress in student achievement. Of the eight observed schools, seven improved their overall reading proficiency rates and six improved their math proficiency rates. All eight schools improved in at least math or reading. Half of the observed schools improved their attendance rates significantly. And more than half of the schools dramatically reduced suspensions. The schools performed materially better in math and reading scores than comparable schools in their state or district going through a turnaround process but not using the arts.

The report also reviews the quality and depth of each school’s comprehensive, arts-based intervention program and describes both general and exemplary implementation practices across the 8 Turnaround Arts Pillars.

A summary of the report is located at

The full report is located at

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