Maine DOE Seeks VPA Specialist

February 26, 2015

Get your resume ready

This article is just in from the Maine DOE Newsroom! I hope that you will consider applying for this important position and a chance to collaborate with the Arts education organizations in Maine and beyond.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.10.11 PMThe Maine DOE is seeking applicants to fill the position of Visual and Performing Arts Specialist.

The position, which will be formally posted next week on the State’s Bureau of Human Resources website and also in future issues of the Commissioner’s Update, provides important supports to implement proficiency-based diplomas and guidance for effective instruction in the Arts. The Department hopes to have the specialist, who will be a member of its Standards and Instructional Supports Team, in place by spring.

Toward the goal of supporting effective arts instruction, in January the Maine DOE kicked of the Maine Arts Integration Consortium (MAIC). This consortium will continue throughout the winter and spring of 2015 and will result in resources and presentations to illustrate arts integration.

Until the position at the Maine DOE is filled, please direct all questions related to visual and performing arts education and the MAIC to Maine DOE’s Director of Standards and Instructional Supports Anita Bernhardt at 624-6835 or anita.bernhardt@maine.gov.

This information was posted yesterday in the Maine DOE newsroom at http://mainedoenews.net/2015/02/25/maine-doe-seeks-visual-and-performing-arts-specialist/#more-34127.

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