MAC Learning Grants

March 12, 2015

Funding available

The Maine Arts Commission grant opportunities are available starting March 13 and the deadline for submission is April 13. The Arts Learning grant program provides funding to support high-quality visual and/or performing arts education for PK-12 students and/or educators of this population.

  • Maximum grant award: $5,000 with a required 50% match (in-kind or cash).

          (For example, if an applicant is asking for $5,000 they must provide $2,500 of matching support.)

  • Project must take place between: July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

Funds are to be used for teaching artist programs, artists-in-residence, and community arts education with a connection to in-school arts education, curriculum planning in the arts or professional development for staff or teaching artists’ advancement in arts education for teachers of all content.

The proposal should include evidence of the use of best educational standards-based practices reflecting 21st century teaching and learning. Excellent arts education should be at the core of applications.

PK-12 schools, community organizations and/or cultural institutions are eligible to apply for the Arts Learning grants. Although teaching artists are not eligible to apply they are encouraged to be part of the project planning.

Applicants are highly encouraged to apply to utilize artists included in the Maine Arts Commission’s Teaching Artist Roster.

Eligibility Requirements

A professional Maine organization is eligible to apply if it is a nonprofit organization, legally established and located in the state of Maine, and has tax exempt status 501(c)(3) from the Internal Revenue Service.

A Maine school or school district is eligible to apply if it is public and affiliated with a municipal, county or tribal government or is a nonprofit organization.

Applicants must have completed and filed all final reports required for previous Maine Arts Commission grants.

An applicant must demonstrate a fiscal structure that allows it to legally and responsibly utilize grant funds. Maximum grant award: $5,000 with a required 50% match (in-kind or cash). For example, if an applicant is asking for $5,000 they must provide $2,500 of matching support. This demonstrates the applicant’s ability to take on the project. This match must be documented as part of the application package.

The applicant becomes legally accountable for complying with the above eligibility requirements upon submission of this request.

Review Process

Applications are reviewed by a committee of public members who are selected for their expertise in Arts Education.

Grant recommendations will be presented at the annual meeting of the Maine Arts Commission. The approval of the review process, making the grant official, takes place at that time.

Review Criteria

Grant proposals are reviewed on a competitive basis using the following criteria:

  1. Demonstration of high quality arts education teaching and learning opportunity for all learners.
  2. Clear description of the project and its impact.
  3. Evidence of significant collaborative planning among all partners and capacity to carry it out.
  4. Description of evaluation methodology with clear objectives and outcomes. Focus on student success.
  5. Assurance that the project will include certified and highly qualified arts educators, trained teaching artists and will provide professional development opportunities where appropriate.
  6. Accuracy and completeness of the application.

Required Attachments

Your application will consist of two steps:

The first is the completion of the electronic application which will include contact information, budget figures and the narrative portion.

The second part of your application is the upload of your application attachments. Please review the following required materials carefully in preparing your application.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the disqualification of your application. Only complete applications will be accepted. Make copies of all application materials for your records prior to submitting them.

  1. Resume(s): For key staff members involved with the organization/school. Artists to be employed by the project should be included as well.
  2. Letters of Support: From individuals or representatives of organizations or schools who can speak to their anticipated benefit from the project (up to three).

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to speak with Argy Nestor, director of arts education, 207-287-2713 or argy.nestor@maine.gov, about the proposal before submitting an application.

Applicants may send in a draft of their proposal for a brief review to the email above no later than two weeks before the application deadline.

Applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m., on the date of the application deadline, April 13. The agency will not accept late or incomplete applications under any circumstance. The online application process will be available starting March 13.

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