MAAI Mega Aroostook

March 16, 2015

Successful day in the County!


Judy Fricke presenting a music session

“VPA teachers were excited to participate in the whole group discussion regarding Proficiency Based Education. Throughout the day, any ideas, frustrations, successes and strategies were shared.  The over all feel is that arts teachers are leading the way and are indeed positive and ready to keep moving forward!”

Twenty-seven Arts educators came together in Easton, Maine for the Aroostook Mega-Regional Workshops, co-sponsored by Central Aroostook Council on Education (CACE) and the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI).  Everyone who attended agreed that the day was a success and came away grateful and excited for the opportunity to get together for meaningful content workshops and discussion.


Susan Beaulier presenting a visual art session

The day started with two Zoom presentations; one with MAAI Leadership Team member Rob Westerberg who shared the Maine Arts Assessment Resources website and one with MAAI Leadership Team member Barbara Vinal (from North Carolina) on Technology Tools.

Thanks to the cook staff at Easton school for providing fabulous home-made bread at the make our own sandwich spread featuring salad, cookies and other yummy things!

Planners Easton Music educator Pam Kinsey and Frenchville / St Agatha school district Visual Art educator extend their thanks to David Ouellette of the CACE Partnership for his support, organizational help and his presence!



Barb Packales zoomed in for the tech session


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