The Sound of Music

April 10, 2015

Rick Wormeli meets Maria

Rick Wormeli has been an educator for over 20 years and middle level is his area of expertise. However, he hits the nail on the head when he uses Maria and The Sound of Music as an example for the type of learning that research is pointing to today. The information is applicable to all ages and grade levels.

Watch this short YouTube and listen for the terms below. Rick demonstrates all the “best practices” that Maria uses with the boys and girls in the Sound of Music.

Multiple pathways, high standards, differentiated instruction and grading, clear expectations, student-centered, provide big picture, visual imagery, sense of humor, formative assessment, real life learning, kinesthetic, contextual learning, meaning in learning, love of knowledge, student engagement, no child left behind, interdisciplinary learning, scaffolding, high standards.

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