MAAI Resource Team

June 11, 2015

Amazing resources available soon

The Resource Team meeting by Zoom updating each other on their progress

The Resource Team meeting by Zoom updating each other on their progress

During the last few months the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) Resource Team has been working to create more resources for the ‘bank’. The quality and variety of information contained in this second series of resources is very impressive. During the next couple of weeks the six team members are putting the finishing touches on their resources. They will be unveiled at the MAAI Summer Institute in early August.

Catherine Ring from the New England Institute for Teacher Education is the Project Manager, contracted by the Maine Arts Commission to oversee the work. Members of the 2015 Resource Bank Team include:  Theresa Cerceo (Frenchville), Patti Gordan (Raymond), Danette Kerrigan (Hiram), John Morris (Bridgton), Jake Sturtevant (Buxton), and Sarah Swain (Westbrook).

The Team has been meeting through Zoom video conferencing.  They’ve shared ideas, documents, and videos and provided each other with feedback as critical friends. It has been an amazing process to watch as the teachers have created their resources and shared them with each other. This years resources will contain documents as well as videos which we hope will provide greater clarity for educators accessing the resources. Last years resources are available at http://maairesourcebank.pbworks.com/w/page/82916230/MAAI%20Resource%20Bank.

This week we had a Zoom meeting with MAAI Leadership Team members, Rob Westerberg and Barb Vinal, to get their technology expertise on where to store the many resources so they are shareable and searchable. There is a lot of work behind the scenes, by MAAI Teacher Leaders and Leadership Team.


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