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Maine DOE VPA Position

June 12, 2015

Career opportunity – deadline June 26

Time to update your resume and give some thought to applying for the Visual and Performing Arts position at the Maine Department of Education. Why should you apply? Well, for starters you’d have the chance to work with FABULOUS Maine Visual and Performing ARTS educators and me! Please consider applying and if you have any questions, email me at

Deadline for submitting applications: Friday, June 26, 2015.

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Department of Education

Regional Education Representative

Visual and Performing Arts Specialist

Direct Hire Career Opportunity

Code: 3032                  Pay Grade: 28 – $44,844.80 – $67,204.80

OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT: June 11, 2015 – June 26, 2015


The Department of Education (DOE) has one (1) full-time position vacancy based in Augusta. Statewide travel is required.


The Maine Department of Education has one (1) full-time vacancy for a Visual and Performing Arts Specialist, based in Augusta with a regional superintendent’s assignment.


This is professional services work involving regional and statewide implementation of Maine’s education standards for visual and performing arts education K-12, school improvement efforts and related education initiatives. The position serves schools and school districts within an assigned region through customer service, brokering technical assistance and providing a communications link for the Maine DOE’s continuous improvement process. Primary responsibilities include developing ongoing interaction with school personnel and community representatives within an assigned superintendents region; serving as the Maine DOE representative and key contact for requests, information, and questions from within the region; providing or brokering professional development opportunities, technical assistance and other services to enhance teacher effectiveness and student and school performance; assisting districts with the implementation of the state education standards and associated assessments; promoting the Commissioner’s education initiatives within the region; and serving as the Commissioner’s representative and liaison in the region. The position also provides K-12 visual and performing arts education leadership and expertise to organizations and educators statewide in curriculum, instruction, and assessment through provision of professional development opportunities and technical assistance. The position may be assigned to lead other state and federal programs. Work is performed in collaboration with other members of the Maine DOE and is executed under limited supervision. Extensive use of technology, statewide/ national travel and field assignments are required.

REPRESENTATIVE TASKS (include but are not limited to):

  • Provide information and technical assistance; broker professional development; and collaboratively determine district needs and deliver requisite services.
  • Find and use research to develop and recommend policies and procedures.
  • Develop and support collaborative educational partnerships that support the implementation of Maine’s education standards, proficiency-based graduation requirements and systems thinking, and enhance student learning.
  • Serve as a key Maine DOE contact for the region and provide feedback from the region to the Maine DOE.
  • Promote the Commissioner’s and Governor’s initiatives within a region and statewide to enhance school improvement and related services, particularly as they relate to visual and performing arts education programs and grants.
  • Provide leadership and technical assistance regionally and statewide in visual and performing arts education standards, instruction and assessment.
  • Interpret state and federal laws, rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to visual and performing arts education in order to answer questions and ensure uniform understanding.
  • Maintain national contacts including membership in the national visual and performing arts leadership organization, stay current in research and exemplary practices and work in collaboration with state and national content organizations in visual and performing arts education improvement efforts.
  • Collaborate, as a member of a team with other Maine DOE staff to design and deliver supports for student learning.
  • Direct or coordinate other state, federal or national programs/initiatives for the state as requested.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (required to successfully perform the work assigned):

  • Knowledge of current learning research and exemplary educational practice in general and in visual and performing arts education.
  • Knowledge of school improvement, proficiency-based education, systems-change concepts, student-centered practices, and tools to support learning especially in the area of visual and performing arts education.
  • Knowledge of current and emerging state and federal legislation, rules and regulations impacting education.
  • Knowledge of and experience with Maine’s education standards, the process of implementing standards and current and emerging trends for visual and performing arts including national standards development initiatives.
  • Knowledge of large scale and formative assessment development and administration in visual and performing arts education.
  • Ability to facilitate groups and use exemplary interpersonal skills; establish and maintain positive collaborative working relationships; effectively manage multiple projects and provide quality service.
  • Ability to integrate visual and performing arts with other Maine DOE teams including Career and Technical Education, Special Education, Assessment and Accountability, Adult Education, Certification and MLTI.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing and use technology for work and learning.



To qualify, candidates must have a Bachelor of Arts/Science Degree in Education, Human Resource Development, Psychology, or a related field (visual and performing arts) and five (5) years of experience as an education practitioner. A Master’s Degree in an education-related field may be substituted for two (2) years of educational experience.

Knowledge of Maine’s education standards and experience with standards-based education reform is essential.

Preferred candidates will have will have a Bachelors of Arts/Science in the field of visual and performing arts, a Master’s degree and will have experience providing leadership, consultation and professional development in areas related to the position.


Requirements include specific certification and/or ability to obtain certification in visual and performing arts.


The value of State’s share of Employee’s Retirement is 16.17% of salary for BU. The value of State-paid Dental Insurance: $13.13 biweekly. The value* of State-paid Health Insurance:

Level 1: 100% State Contribution (employee pays nothing): $375.10 biweekly

Level 2: 95% State Contribution (employee pays 5%): $356.35 biweekly

Level 3: 90% State Contribution (employee pays 10%): $337.59 biweekly

Level 4: 85% State Contribution (employee pays 15%): $318.84 biweekly

*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee’s wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium program.

How to apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and Direct Hire Application. This job posting and Direct Hire application can be found at

Mail applications to

Tammy Sturtevant, HR Generalist

General Gov. Service Center

74 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333-0074

207-624-7418 (T)

207-287-4032 (F)

Or email applications to

Applications must be received or postmarked by Friday, June 26, 2015.


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