Congratulations and THANKS to our Retirees

June 15, 2015

Maine is fortunate!

We know that what a teacher offers can have an enormous impact on students development day to day AND over their lifetime. As educators retire at the close of another school year, 2015-16, I know that you will join me in THANKING them for their years of service and dedication to students across the state. Maine appreciates your commitment and we wish you well and many healthy years of laughter!

Combined the following have taught for 583 + years. HAPPY RETIREMENT!

  • BRIAN HUTCHINSON, Winslow, Band: 42 years of service
  • VENNICE HUTCHINSON, Winslow, Vocal Music: 38 years of service
  • SUE SCANLON, Mattanawcook Academy, Lincoln, Visual Arts: 43 years of service
  • FRANK CHIN, SAD 54, Visual Arts: 38 years of service
  • ELLEN NORTON, King Middle School, Visual Arts: 44 years of service
  • SUE OLMSTED, Durham Elementary, Music
  • ROBIN KENISON, Bath Middle School, Music: 34 years of service
  • HOLLY SMITH, Rockland High School, Visual Arts: 31 years of service
  • KAL ELMORE, Bangor High School, Visual Arts: 26 years of service
  • EDIE GRENIER, MSAD #20 Fort Fairfield, Visual Arts: 36.53 years of service
  • JUDY BABBIDGE, Connor Conslidated School (EUT), Music
  • ALISON BRENNAN, Calais High School, Music: 38 years of service
  • BONNY COX, RSU50-K-12, Music: 21 years of service
  • CAROL SHUMWAY, Mt. Blue High School, Music: 27 years of service
  • KAREN RENTON, Yarmouth, Music: 34 years of service
  • ANN DILLON, Greeley Middle School, Music: 29 + 14 years of service
  • WANDA WHITENER, Tremont School, Music: 38 years of service
  • DEB GRABBER, Granite Street School, Millinocket, Art: 10 years of service
  • CAM WEIR, Yarmouth Elementary School, Art: 40 years of service

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