Who Are They?: Schoodic Arts for All, Part 6

June 17, 2015

Intern program

This blog post is part of a series called Who Are They? where information is provided for the Maine Arts Ed blog readers to learn about community organizations and institutions that provide educational opportunities in the arts. You will learn that they are partnering with other organizations and schools to extend learning opportunities, not supplant. Please consider ways in which you can collaborate to provide excellent arts education for all learners.

safa_logo_blue_greenThis is the sixth and last blog post of the series highlighting the work of Schoodic Arts for All located in Hammond Hall, 427 Main Street in Winter Harbor. This area is called Downeast Maine and Schoodic Arts for All is at the intersection of Hancock and Washington Counties. Schoodic Arts for All is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering interest and involvement in the arts for all who wish to participate.

A special THANK YOU to Mary Laury and Anna Woolf for providing the content for the six blog posts on Schoodic Arts for All. These posts have provided a clear picture of the depth and breath of the programming that is offered. This post is especially fascinating and I am sure you will agree once you read it that, the future is in good hands knowing the opportunities and experiences that Schoodic Arts for All provides to young people as interns.

Junior Interns

“Interning at Schoodic Arts For All has been an incredible opportunity. During my internship (along with technical skills such as working the lights and the sound board for performances) I learned how to work collaboratively with my coworkers, how to set goals and eventually reach them, and how to positively approach problems with innovative and creative solutions. Besides looking incredible on a resumé, interning and working at Schoodic Arts has given me the experience and skills necessary to survive in any work environment because of the broad amounts of tasks I was expected to complete. Working effectively in an office environment, getting out in the community through events and programs, and working with artists from around the state have made me incredibly confident and prepared for any and all directions I might go in the future.” 

Hannah Gignoux

Schoodic Arts for engages youth in leadership roles as Junior Interns (ages 12–15) and then as (paid) Summer Interns (ages 16 – 21). Many of these interns have moved on to become very successful, including 3 who have gone on to become executive directors before reaching the age of 25.

2001-RIVERA SUN COOK, Executive Director Rising Sun Dance Theatre

RiveraRivera Sun Cook was the very first Schoodic Arts intern. Her job description as the very first intern consisted of “moving chairs, doing everything and anything, and having fun!” She is now a successful Executive Director of her company, Rising Sun Dance Theatre, and has written two novels, “Steam Drills, Treadmills, and Shooting Stars” and “The Dandelion Insurrection.”





2003-SHELBY HOWE GREENE, Executive Director Eastport Arts Center

ShelbyShelby Howe Greene became an intern with Schoodic Arts for All, shortly after graduating from high school in 2003. After interning, she continued to return during the summers for summer programming.

After graduating from college, she began working at the Eastport Arts Center in Eastport, Maine for 3 years. She wrote grants and worked with volunteers and the community. She left the Eastport Arts Center in 2011, and eventually became an Americorps member with the Washington County Food and Fuel Alliance in 2012, and Maine Sea Coast Mission EdGE after school program in 2013. She currently operates her own cloth diapering business, The Meanie Greene on Etsy.



2004-JEFFE GREENE, Engineer

Jeffe Greene was an intern at Schoodic Arts for All in 2004 after finishing high school. He attended Maine Maritime Academy and received a degree in Engineering with a BA in Science and Technology.


CharlotteCharlotte attended many Schoodic Arts for All festivals, and took lots of workshops before becoming an intern. Schoodic Arts for All classes have helped her become a better artist and observer, and being an intern has helped her improve her job skills. One of the most important things she learned from her internship was how to overcome her shyness.   








2007- BREANNA PINKHAM, Executive Director of Our Town Belfast

BreannaBreanna Pinkham was involved with Schoodic Arts for All from a very young age in workshops and performances. She joined Schoodic Steel and, shortly after, the Meetinghouse Theatre Lab. She began working as assistant and year-round helper at Schoodic Arts for All on her 21st birthday. She began by using adobe design programs, and slowly took over graphic design and website duties as well as managing the office. She worked at Schoodic Arts for All while going to school for an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts. She became Executive Director of the Main Street program, Our Town Belfast in Belfast, Maine.



2010-LEILA SAAD, Director and Publisher, Maude Magazine

Leila Leila when she was littleLeila has been involved with Schoodic Arts for All from a very young age. Raised in the festival, she was always involved in workshops, which eased her into becoming a staff member.


2011-2013-NICK RUCKER, Tech specialist

NickAble to sculpt and define his job, Nick Rucker was mainly involved with web design, lights and sound. He loved the freedom and macromanaged environment in the Schoodic Arts for All office. Trust was a big part of his job, being handed a task, and having the freedom to accomplish the task in his own way.





2011-OREN DARLING, Designer

OrenOren Darling is a Web and Graphic Design Associate for the Purdue Research Foundation, which works to improve Purdue as a world-class university by aiding in scientific investigation, research and educational studies, maintaining facilities, grounds, and equipment, and managing intellectual property. His work at Schoodic Arts for All helped him become familiar with promoting and organizing events.



2012-ELIZA HUBER-WEISS, student

Eliza's t-shirt designEliza Huber-Weiss, a talented cellist, was a summer intern for Schoodic Arts for All in 2012. She was often in charge of organizing events and publicity. Eliza is a very artistic young lady, and even designed the 2012 and 2013 Schoodic Arts for All festival t-shirts. She now attends Bowdoin college and studies Liberal Arts.



2012-ALEXANDRA BROWN, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Alex'x book coverWhen Alexandra joined Schoodic Arts for All she was very interested in history. She decided to create a special summer project in her time as an intern, which was to curate a show of historic photos of Winter Harbor. The exhibit was displayed where people could go and write down any memories they had of these historic buildings. With these comments, she compiled a book called “Historic Photographs of Winter Harbor” which was registered with the Library of Congress. Her internship and printed book helped her resume grow, and as a result she moved on to get a job in the museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


2012-2014-BELLA DESISTO, Student

BellaBella DeSisto became involved with Schoodic Arts for All from a young age, starting as a volunteer and working her way up to become a staff member. She was mostly involved with the junior interns in Prospect Harbor and as the logistics person on staff.






2013-2014-HANNAH GIGNOUX, Student

HannahHannah Gignoux has been involved with Schoodic Arts for All from a very young age, taking a wide variety of workshops, performing at Brown Bag Lunches, opening for Last Friday Coffee Houses, and as a member of the Pandemonium steel band.

She worked at Schoodic Arts for All for two years as a summer intern, then as a staff member. Her main projects during her time here mostly involved organizing the annual Silent Auction and Final Showcase, and managing lighting for performances.

The arts are a big part of her life, and she plans to remain involved with the arts all the way through her college career.



2013-2014-PEPIN MITTELHAUSER, Musician and performer

Pepin's Baby picture Pepin
Pepin became involved with Schoodic Arts for All through several performance groups, including the Schoodic Summer Chorus, Steel Pan groups, and eventually his own performing group. He is now a program assistant for Schoodic Arts for All, and is also in charge of Pecha Kucha presentations, and performance managing such as running lights and sound.



Hannah WoodwardHannah Woodward has been involved with Schoodic Arts since 2001. She began her relationship with Schoodic Arts by taking workshops and attending performances. She was a member of the original Pandemonium Steel Band. She became a junior intern in 7th grade, and became a part time summer intern as a Summer Program Assistant. She has always had a steady relationship with Schoodic Arts for All and the festival.




2014, ELLEN JOHNSON, student

Ellen baby picture EllenEllen Johnson has been a junior intern since the age of 12. She is a member of the original Pandemonium steel band, and has been with Schoodic Arts for All from a very young age. She became a summer intern, in charge of press releases and organizing junior interns and Brown Bag Lunch, and is now summer staff.

2014-SINAI HERRERA, student

SinaiSinai Herrera began her relationship with Schoodic Arts for All when she joined the Pandemonium Steel drum band in 7th grade. She became a summer intern in 2014 and is now summer staff. She is mostly in charge of publicity but also compiled this biography of interns.



Intern positions give young community members an opportunity to have a fun, rewarding job involving the arts.

If you have questions about the Schoodic Arts for All Intern program or any of their other programs please contact the Executive Director, Mary Laury, at marylaury@schoodicartsforall.org.

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