Standardized Tests

June 19, 2015

How some students feel about standardized tests

Ms. Chang is an art teacher at Burlington High School in Massachusetts. She recently asked her students to create art answering the question “How Do You Feel About Standardized Tests?” You can view the answers to the question on her blog called Ms. Chang’s Art Classes located at http://mschangart.weebly.com/home/students-create-art-answering-the-question-how-do-you-feel-about-standardized-tests.


  1. I’m concerned that the names of the students appear by their art pieces; it seems to me that this can potentially create danger for these students.


    Iris D. Fields irthie@gmail.com

    Iris D. Fields, IBO FIELDS/VENTURES P.O. Box 426 Brunswick, ME 04011

    Tel: (207)729-8049 *www.mmpforyou.com/iris *

    “Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, and focus on the reason why it will!”

  2. I had the concern as well Iris. I know that in Maine schools the guidelines and rules vary greatly. When I post work I follow the rules of the local school district. However, for as long as newspapers have existed the names of people are included with images and many of those newspapers are accessed online. I know that the internet and newspapers are different media but still both avenues of putting this information out there to the world. Unfortunately, it is part of education today. I would hope that Ms. Chang is following her school districts guidelines for internet use that protect her students. Thanks for your concern Iris!

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