Teacher Leader Quotes

June 28, 2015

Great opportunities

100_3195We often hear what participants have to say about the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) but we don’t share those comments quite enough. Below are some that really speak to me and hopefully they will you, as well!

You will have the opportunity to attend the Statewide Biennial Arts Education Conference: The Measure of Success, Friday, October 9, Point Lookout. The Maine Arts Assessment Initiative is proud to continually offer high quality professional development opportunities and The Measure of Success proves to continue this tradition. For more information and to register (during the early bird registration) please click here.

  • “(The Institute) affirmed what I already do and encouraged me to look for more ways to improve my practice”
  • “(I’m interested in) how to implement standards-based assessment in a school system that still uses a traditional grading system”
  • “I’ve changed my rubrics to better reflect what I’ve learned from the workshop and also to reflect what I’m learning about proficiency-based education”
  • “I’m using student input more now to create rubrics and (exemplars) as a basis for creating criteria for student work”
  • “I’m more aware of work other teachers are doing in this area”
  • “It totally changed my assessment practices”
  • “I’m learning with a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling that we WILL make a difference in re-inventing education.”
  • “I have shown video clips to students, I have started my own blog and become a lover of Twitter.  I have learned more about technology and the arts this year than I ever have in my life.”

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