Educational Quotes

July 17, 2015

Worth repeating

Reprinted from The Teachers Edition – A newsletter Celebrating Teaching & Leading from the U.S. Department of Education

5. “Teacher leadership is the only way we can be successful in our district. We grow our own.” (Principal, Pennsylvania)
4. “When looking at what a teacher achieves, the data don’t tell the whole story.” (Teacher, Maryland)
3. “Education failed Michael Brown.” (Teacher, Colorado)
2. “You have got to be prepared for the call out when you put teachers in leadership positions. You can’t be so in awe of your own leadership that you can’t be called out.” (Principal, New York)
1. “We ([principals) have to both evaluate and support teachers. It can be done, they both can be done–especially if you support more than you evaluate and if teachers know you are there to help them grow.” (Principal, Michigan)

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