MAAI and Teachers Voices

July 20, 2015

Continually listening to teachers

Who knows best about what goes on in classrooms? Who has first hand information on the reaction of students to curricula teaching and assessment? Who communicates with students day in and day out? Who knows the impact of the changes that are taking place in schools? Who knows what works really well and not so well in educational practices? It should be no surprise to you that I believe (and many of you do as well) that the answer to each of these questions is TEACHERS.

No, not every teacher necessarily has the skill set to communicate about each child’s learning. But I have noticed teachers who are continually listening to students, partnering with colleagues to discuss instructional practice and school expectations, and stepping up to take leadership roles, are on target in meeting learner needs. And, if they don’t know they have conversations with colleagues, conduct research, ask questions, and dig for answers. Learning never stops for educators who are searching for multiple avenues into student learning.

I enjoyed reading this blog post written by a teacher who is clearly a life-long learner. And, a bit frustrated with those who think they know everything about education. The piece is called Seven things teachers are sick of hearing from school reformers and written by Valerie Strauss



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