Teachers Teaching Teachers

July 22, 2015

Connecting with others

As many of you know at the foundation of the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) is “teachers teaching teachers”. The MAAI brings together teachers from all grade levels, arts disciplines, and representatives from every corner of Maine. MAAI provides professional development that guides teachers to become empowered and they determine which area they want to learn more about. All along their individual journeys they are sharing ideas, exchanging thoughts and asking questions.

I came across this quote from a North Carolina teacher named Ben Owens. He said the topic of “meaningful PD”:

“Peer-to-peer collaboration, as opposed to traditional training workshops or classes,” writes Owens, “is how one grows in his or her profession—not by going it alone but by sharing ideas with experts in the same field” (Hope Street Group).

I couldn’t agree more! I learned a bit more about Ben Owens on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Ben-Owens/e/B008QN30CS and I learned a bit about the Hope Street Group at http://hopestreetgroup.org/.

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