MLR Guiding Principles

August 27, 2015

Interesting day


Kate, Beth, Amy, Argy

The Maine Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI) Teacher Leaders, Amy Cousins, Visual Art, Gorham Middle School, Kate Smith, Music, Central School, South Berwick and Beth Lambert, Performing Arts from Carrabec High School joined me today to do work on the Guiding Principles for the Maine Department of Education. It was a wonderful learning opportunity. We had a chance to contribute our ideas to the framework draft. MALI has done work on the topic and included it in the online resources located at http://maairesourcebank.pbworks.com/w/page/82916230/MAAI%20Resource%20Bank. I look forward to sharing the Developmental Frameworks document in the future.

sculpWe met at the beautiful Benjamin F Wentworth Intermediate School in Scarborough. The entrance has a beautiful dichroic glass hanging sculpture created by artist Michelle Gutlove. I hope that you will have a chance to visit the school in the future.

We all know how well the work we do in our visual and performing arts classrooms connects directly with all of the Guiding Principles. I am curious about how many of you are intentionally measuring them? Students will need to demonstrate their understanding of the GP as part of the proficiency-based high school diploma. Please let me know if you are doing this work and/or where your school district is in this process.

Imagine our surprise when driving home we spotted a large animal on a car in the distance. We were so excited to see the cat! And, when we got closer noticed that the car is from Acro-cats. Not sure where they were headed but they made my day! Check them out at http://circuscats.com/.

road catcat




  1. In order to address the Maine Guiding Principles, my district is working with the Habits of Mind. While our work is relatively new, we are working steadily to develop a curriculum that is relevant to our population. Last year, our district’s Leadership Team for PBE has developed a subcommittee. They will be continuing their training, with the Northern Maine Education Collaborative, this Fall.
    In my Visual Arts classrooms, we are using the Studio Habits of Mind. I am working with students to make the connections between the work being done, the SHoM and the Maine Guiding Principles.

  2. Thanks for providing an overview of what you folks are doing in your district Theresa, MSAD 33, St. Agatha and Frenchville.

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