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Another Student’s Story: Tom Goodwin

August 28, 2015

Tom Goodwin

“Thomas Goodwin grew up in Midcoast Maine. He studied film production at Emerson College and his college thesis film “Hands of the Nocturnal Clock” received accolades at festivals in New England. “Dead of Winter,” his second feature film, is a tribute to the place he grew up. Tom has worked on video and film projects since the age of 11. Growing up with a camera in hand, he captured every story he could. Having returned to his home state and aiding a local museum as they update their digital collection, Tom is excited to be doing what he loves in the place that he holds so close.” “Dead of Winter” Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo – November 2014

Tom_2In Tom’s own words…
At the age of 11, I wrote a letter to Harrison Ford asking to be his sidekick in the next Indiana Jones film. Sadly, years later, Shia LeBeouf snaked the role from me. Point is, if you asked me at 11 years old what I would do when I grew up, I would have told you I would become a filmmaker. Now 27 years old, my answer hasn’t changed. I have succeeded in some ways, and am still yearning to grow.

I graduated from Medomak Valley High School in 2006, having taken more film classes than the school even offered. I was a accepted to attend Emerson College in Boston, MA for a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production. As part of my schooling, I was fortunate to write, produce, and direct a 20-minute 1920’s gangster film on 35mm film. I found that growing up in Midcoast Maine gave me an edge in securing locations and props in and around my hometown of Warren. As such, most of the film, “Hands of the Nocturnal Clock,” was shot on location around Midcoast Maine. !

HANDS OF THE NOCTURNAL CLOCK – TRAILER (runtime 1 minute, 15 seconds)

I graduated from Emerson College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts. I stayed in Boston for two more years, teaching Media Arts at Young Achievers, K-8 in Mattapan, MA and a “Teen TV” summer program at English High School in Jamaica Plain, MA.

For my next project, a good friend handed me a feature length screenplay and offered me the chance to direct the film. I accepted, and in 2012 I directed “Humble River.” We had 48 speaking roles and 50 locations between Boston, MA and Orland, ME. Sadly, the Executive Producers of the film were unable to secure festival licenses for much of the music that was chosen for the production, so only a limited number of DVDs are in circulation. That said, we were able to finish the film, and I am able to say that at the age of 24, I had directed a feature length film.

HUMBLE RIVER – TRAILER (runtime 1 minute, 30 seconds)

Tom_1I returned to the Midcoast area in late 2012, and have been here ever since. Upon my return, I crafted the screenplay for “Dead of Winter.”  The screenplay was a chance for me to look at the area where I grew up with a fresh set of eyes. To be able to notice the things that set Maine apart. It is certainly a project about a place, and cannot be transferred to any other locale. It wasn’t until I began a job at the Owls Head Transportation Museum as their in-house videographer in June of 2014 that I was able to see that “Dead of Winter” could actually be produced into a film. While at the transportation museum, where I still work, I have access to creative and curious minds, equipment, flexibility, and support in this feature film endeavor. Beyond that, I am learning even more about my chosen craft every day. My mission has been primarily educational and promotional material for the museum, all housed on the museum’s YouTube channel, which I manage. From concept to distribution, these videos are 100% created by me. See below!

Owls Head Transportation Museum’s Youtube Channel

OHTM’S Museum Story (runtime 2 minutes)

“Dead of Winter” has a tried and true plot; what happens when a number of unlikely character’s lives intersect over a bag full of money? It’s a commonly seen anecdote, and has been used time and again to tell the story of a place. The place itself plays a major character in the film’s plot, the trajectory of the players involved, and the outcome of the story. “Dead of Winter” is an examination of a region much like the films “Fargo,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “Waking Ned Devine” route themselves deeply in the regions where they take place. Having grown up here and having dedicated my life to the art of storytelling, I am in a unique position to make this dream come true. To create this film in my home state, about my home state, and for my home state. Rather than tell you about it, allow me to tell you about it… in a video!!

DEAD of WINTER FUNDRAISING PROMO (runtime 2 minutes, 23 seconds)

DEAD of WINTER teaser #1 (runtime 1 minute, 28 seconds)

DEAD of WINTER teaser #2 (runtime 30 seconds)

Congratulations to Tom who was recently awarded a Maine Arts Commission grant. Tom was a student in my middle school art class many moons ago. It is great to see what he is doing these days.

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