Science Discoveries about Music

September 6, 2015

This year science discovered

From Music.Mic an article titled 7 Amazing Things Science Has Discovered About Music This Year So Far written by Tom Barnes and published on August 14, 2015 on Music.Mic. Read the entire article at http://mic.com/articles/123862/7-amazing-things-science-has-discovered-about-music-this-year-so-far.

  1. Learning music has a positive effect on teenagers’ brains
  2. We can all be taught how to achieve perfect pitch…
  3. … but neurological factors can stand in the way of true mastery.
  4. Music can help improve patients’ recovery after surgery…
  5. … as well as improve the surgeon’s performance.
  6. Our musical tastes can predict how we think.
  7. The way we respond to music is largely universal.

This is a great article that includes different research and provides you with the latest information that researchers are learning. Think about how this might impact your teaching and student learning and how you communicate about how essential a quality arts education is for all learners.

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