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Sell Your Ideas

September 11, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.18.56 PMI bet more than once you’ve thought about your teaching ideas and have wanted to share them with others. And perhaps you’ve thought about all the lessons that you’ve created and wished that you could sell them. In the September 3 issue of the New York Times there is an article that talks about teachers doing both of these – sharing and selling their ideas.

There is a virtual market where teachers are selling their resources and some of them are even making a boat load of money for resources that sell for mostly between 1 and 5 dollars (and higher). In fact, 12 teachers on the site have become millionaires and nearly 300 have earned more than $100,000. Yes, that’s a lot of visitors and a ton of resources. In fact, the site has about  1.7 million lesson plans, quizzes, work sheets, classroom activities and other items available, typically for less than $5. Some of the items are free.

You can read the entire article at

The website is called Teachers Pay Teachers and located at

Have you been there? Selling your ideas there? Had any luck? If so, please share your experiences! The meartesed blog readers would love to know.

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