What Theresa’s Students are Saying

October 19, 2015


Theresa Cerceo is a MALI Teacher Leader who teaches K-12 Visual Art in Dr. Levesque Elementary School, Wisdom Middle/High School, MSAD 33 (all the way up in the County). Her Logic Model plan for her work as a Maine Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI) Teacher Leader this year, involves advocacy work with students. In her own words: “I started working with my students today on advocacy work. I had K – 12 come up with possible blog titles and the high school art club created the, “Student Leaders in the Arts Movement” or S.L.A.M.! We will have a meeting at the start of every art club meeting (once a week). We had a great talk about the importance of messaging why the arts are essential. They had a lot of great ideas and really took ownership of the project. We have a board going for all the different activities we will work on. They are excited!”

Earlier this month at the Biennial Statewide Conference The Measure of Success Theresa provided an update on her work with her SLAM students. She created a video with them that expresses why the arts and visual and performing arts education is essential to them. In the future Theresa and her students will be writing a blog post for meartsed readers so you can learn more. This is only the beginning of the work Theresa is doing with students.


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