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Marching Band

December 17, 2015

10 Reasons

In October Ms. Kruse wrote a blog post called 10 Reasons Being in Marching Band Makes You a Better Person at Many of the points cover student involvement in the arts, not just marching band but read the blog post for yourself and see what you think.

My favorite is #4: You Learn the Value of Community

Regardless of their dorky reputation, it’s obvious to high school creatures of every stripe that band kids are having more fun than you.  The way they congregate in the halls….their wacky inside jokes…the ruckus of the band room just before class. Band kids STICK TOGETHER and definitely seem a little bit kinder than the other cliques. This closeness and sense of community may be the first kids experience outside of their families. It’s a powerful feeling that sets them up for building and being a part of other communities throughout the rest of their lives.

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