Boogie Music and Dancin’

December 19, 2015

LaRoquebrou Festival

This was recorded in 2004 at LaRoquebrou Festival but it is timeless. Switzerlands pianist Silvan Zingg, Nuno Alexandre on bass, and Simon Shuffle Boyer on drums. World champions in 2005, 08, 09 and 10 french Boogie Woogie dancers William Mauvais and Maeva Truntzer are pretty incredible to watch. I’ve watched it several times and one time through just looking at their feet. After watching the embedded video you may want to go to the LaRoquebrou Festival website and listen to the music and share it with your students. I especially like Bart & Baker feat Nicolle Rochelle – The Swing Phenomenon. It reminded me of the time that Nancy Salmon and her dancin’ partner did a dance residency at the school I was teaching at (with Partners in Arts Learning funding) to teach our middle school students how to dance to 50’s and 60’s music. It was awesome!

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