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Statewide Survey

January 12, 2016

How’s it going?

You might be wondering how the statewide arts education census is doing on collecting information from EVERY Maine school. I’d say the collection is going VERY well! As of today 156 schools have responded to the call and completed the survey. YAHOO, that is 24% of our goal!

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: It is essential that ONLY the principal complete the survey. I know, you might be thinking “BUT, I have to help my principal, since they don’t have some of the information needed to complete the task”. YOU are absolutely correct. SOOOOO…. I suggest that you go to and download a .pdf of the questions. Gather the answers and provide the downloaded .pdf with your answers to your principal to complete the online survey at Just think how appreciative your principal will be by helping them to complete the survey.

Our goal is 100% of the schools to complete the online survey so we are excited that we are 1/4 to the goal. Please be sure and let me know if you have any questions.

You might want to share the below link with your principal. The video is created by the members of the Student Leaders in the Arts Movement (SLAM) from MSAD 33 under the direction of Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Teacher Leader Theresa Cerceo.

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