Dance Education Grant Opportunity

January 19, 2016

Does Your School Have Rhythm but No Dance?

Photo taken by David Hanright

Photo taken by David Hanright

Through the combined efforts of eight dance schools and studios, and the Maine Arts Commission, a unique grant offering has been created. Any PK-12 school without a dance education program is eligible to apply for this one-time grant of $2,650. The award will help fund a dance program taught by an artist from the Maine Arts Commission’s TEACHING ARTIST ROSTER. The deadline for applications is March 4 and guidelines for the grant can be found on the Arts Commission WEBSITE.

Photo taken by Benjamin Nasse

Photo taken by Benjamin Nasse

Only a small number of dance educations programs are offered in Maine and a group of teachers saw an opportunity to help a school in need. Thornton Academy dance instructor and Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Teacher Leader Emma Arenstam Campbell said: “I strongly believe in the value that dance can bring to a students educational experience and I want to help support students who may not otherwise receive any formal dance instruction.  As a 9-12 dance educator I see the positive impact dance has on both student achievement and school culture.  It was a joyful undertaking to produce this event knowing that the funds will be directly supporting dance education in Maine.” The collaboration worked to fund and create this grant, which will bring high-quality dance instruction to a school without dance instruction in place. This opportunity is open to all grade levels to fund a program which would be taught between April 15 and December 30, 2016.

Photo taken by Benjamin Nasse

Photo taken by Benjamin Nasse

The Maine Artc Commission sees this as a potential model for funding similar programs in other arts disciplines. “The collaboration between Thornton and its partner dance schools reached out to the Commission when they realized they could benefit a school from across the state,” state Julie Richard, Executive Director of the Maine Arts Commission, “Their generosity is exemplary and we are thrilled to be offering this grant.”

To learn more about the agency’s PK-12 Teaching Artist program or how to develop a grant like this one, contact Argy Nestor at argy.nestor@maine.gov or 207-287-2713.

Photo by David Hanright

Photo by David Hanright

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