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Sculpture Opportunity

March 20, 2016

Teaching Artist Anne Alexander

Alabaster-3Anne Alexander is a sculptor on the Maine Arts Commission Teaching Artist roster. She has a dream for all Maine middle and high school teachers – to be able to teach soft stone carving to their students. She’s moving to making that dream a reality by offering a weekend alabaster carving workshop at Waterfall Arts in Belfast on April 15 – 17. Friday 6 to 9 pm, Saturday 10 to 1 & 2 to 5, Sunday 10 to 1. $130 + $15 materials


Students will carve a small pieces of alabaster stone into an organic forms. We will look at examples of nature from the surrounding ecosytem (shells, lichen, plant pods) for inspiration for the forms of our work. Methods of carving including hammering with chisels, filing, sawing, and drilling will be taught. The various methods of finishing the stone from wet sanding to oiling and waxing will be the final part of the workshop.


Anne Alexander at the Viles Arboretum Sculpture Symposium, September 2015

Anne Alexander at the Viles Arboretum Sculpture Symposium, September 2015

Anne Alexander received a BA in sculpture from Bard College, NY and an MFA in sculpture from Alfred University, NY. She has been living in Maine teaching and sculpting since 1989. She has received two Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grants and a Fulbright Senior Scholar Grant to study the Art and Artifacts of The Taino Indian in The Dominican Republic during the 1998/99 school year. Anne primarily carves her work in wood and stone. She makes pieces that range in size from small hand held pieces to human size exterior installations. Her work is organic in form and are abstractions of small life forms from the natural world, (marine life, plant pods, insects etc.). Her work also refers to the human body and expresses themes of life stages, germination, growth, regeneration, sexuality, and cyclic changes. Please refer to her website- to see examples of her work.

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