Scholastic Art Awards

April 2, 2016

Congratulations students!

The 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the largest, longest-running scholarship and recognition program for creative teens, and are presented annually by the Alliance for Young Artist & Writers with generous support from Scholastic Inc.

From an initial pool of nearly 320,000 submissions 2,400 works of art and writing earned a National Medal. Award winners from Maine include the following:

  • Alexandra Augur, Frank H Harrison Middle School, Yarmouth                              Awarded: Gold Medal in Personal Essay/Memoir for “Keeping Pace”
  • Sadie Cowles, Frank H Harrison Middle School, Yarmouth                                                           Awarded: Gold Medal in Grade Award in Personal Essay/Memoir for “One in Eight Million”
  • Joey Han, Falmouth High School                                                                                                               Awarded: Gold Medal in Comic Art for “The painter”
  • Katie Han, Falmouth High School                                                                                                          Awarded: Gold Medal in Photography for “Morning Spritz”
  • Afton Morton, North Yarmouth Academy                                                                                              Awarded: Silver Medal in Short Story for “Playthings of Fear”
  • Gabriel Rosen, Portland High School                                                                                                Awarded: Amercian Visions Medal in Painting for “The Hand”
  • Sydney Sullivan, Center for Teaching & Learning, Edgecomb                                                         Awarded: American Voices Medal in Poetry for “Omaha Beach, One Man’s Trash, Autumn’s Sonnet, Outside the Lines”
  • Morgan Zenter, Kents Hill School                                                                                                       Awarded: Gold Medal in Cermaics & Glass for “Enteroctopus Dofleni”

CONGRATULATIONS students and teachers who participated!

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