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April 9, 2016

Students urge Maine lawmakers

Christopher Cousins wrote this article for the Bangor Daily News, March 24, 2016.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Students and arts educators from across Maine crowded the State House on Thursday to try to convince lawmakers that art education in public schools is important.

The students and teachers started the day with the Lake Region High School band and chorus performing the National Anthem in the House and continued with a concerted lobbying effort in the Hall of Flags.

Maeve Porter Holliday and Maggie Ruff, both seniors at Casco Bay High School in Portland, spent the morning standing outside the House of Representatives with signs that read “Erik Jorgensen.”

Jorgensen, a Democrat from Portland, is their state representative. They said they wanted to urge him to support art education as a “fundamental right,” not an elective.

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Marcia Buker School

April 9, 2016

ART everywhere

Family Art Night

We are turning Marcia Buker Elementary School into

Marcia Buker Gallery of Art

April 12th 4:30-6:15

800 works of art representing every student will be exhibited!
Art Chair Raffle 6:00PM
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Art Activities
Come and be inspired!


 Please come to our fabulous art celebration!

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