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Arts Ed Census Update

April 12, 2016

Running out of time


The statewide arts education census is going really well. THANK YOU to all who have helped so far and please thank your principal for their part!

We have last 18 days so we really really really NEED YOUR HELP!

PLEASE go to THIS LINK and check to see if your school, or one that you know people at, HAVE SUBMITTED THE SURVEY. If the school you are looking for is not on the list please do the following:

These links may be helpful:

Photo credit: Sally Farr

Photo credit: Sally Farr

Message from Arts Ed Census champion Noel Paul Stookey:

“Because the arts are an expression of our reaction to the world around us, it is imperative that we attempt to quantify its value in education so that we may better judge the degree to which it might guide us and inspire us.”

The 2016 statewide arts education census will:

Through the very process of compiling this inventory, an increase of awareness, interest in, understanding of, and commitment to the role of quality arts education as essential element of student learning will be enhanced. The information gathered from this study will be valuable to the Maine education community and education advocates alike, as it will make a compelling case why an excellent arts education is essential for all students. 

Partnering with the Maine Arts Commission to conduct the census:

The Maine Department of Education, the Maine Principals’ Association, the Maine Art Education Association, the Maine Music Educators Association, the Maine Alliance for Arts Education, and The New England Institute for Teacher Education.

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Please feel free to email me at if I can help in any way! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

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