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April 26, 2016

Statewide Arts ed census – time is running out!

imagesAfter four months the deadline for the arts education data collection is coming to a close this Saturday, April 30. The response from schools across the state has been phenomenal. THANK YOU to all those who have helped with the completion of the surveys. With 5 days to go we are closing in on 90%. We’re going to have a ton of data on Maine arts education. YAHOOOO!

In addition during the next month the census consultant will be collecting anecdotal information from educators across the state. The next step will be for the consultant to work with the data and provide information that will give us a clear picture of what is happening at this time. It will also help inform the future work of visual and performing arts education in Maine. We should have a draft of the report by mid-summer.


If you are not sure if your school has submitted a survey please go to and view the completed survey’s list.

If your school is not listed, please download the .pdf of the questions at Complete as many questions as you are able and provide the information to the school principal asking them to complete the survey online at

The following links are available to assist, if needed:

I hope that your school has contributed to this information so your community interests can be taken into account for the future of Arts Education!

The Maine Arts Commission (MAC) is conducting this statewide census in arts education in partnership with the Maine DOE, Maine Art Educators Association, Maine Music Education Association, Maine Principals’ Association, and The New England Institute for Teacher Education.

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