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Brain Research

May 27, 2016

June 29 workshop

“Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain”

Workshop designed for PK-12 Educators of All Subjects

  • “She doesn’t understand it because she doesn’t try hard enough.”
  • “Most people are right-brained or left-brained.”
  • “He will never be able to learn.”
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Dr. Janet Zadina

If you’ve ever heard yourself utter these ideas, you will not want to miss the upcoming workshop by neuroscientist and educator, Janet Zadina, PhD. For the first time in Maine, Dr. Zadina will be presenting “Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain” on June 29th for PK-5 or June 30th for 6-12 at Cony High School.  In this engaging workshop, Dr. Zadina will explain how the brain learns and dispel the neuro-myths that are common. She will address how to raise achievement in low performing students, the invisible brain process that may account for much of math and reading difficulty, the pathways to creativity and how to tap into the pathway affecting motivation. Participants will leave with concrete, actionable advice and strategies that can make a difference in day-to-day instruction. Teachers will find the information that Dr. Zadina presents to be truly transformational.

Registration for these workshops is open until June 15th. The workshops are available by pre-registration only and the $75 fee includes a light breakfast, catered lunch and snacks.  This workshop is sponsored by the Maine Science Teachers Association, Maine Arts Leadership Initiative, Maine Sprouts and the Maine Department of Education.

For a registration form or for more information contact Maine Sprouts at, or by calling 446-8444.  School superintendents and curriculum coordinators should also have received information and a registration form via email.

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