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Coloring Books

May 28, 2016

Round and round we go

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.03.31 PMThis new interest about coloring books for adults is fascinating. One day I think – WHAT???? – I can not support this new fad (is it a fad?)! And, someone says something very rational like “coloring relieves stress” or “at least people are coloring and not stuck in front of their computer screen”. I can’t help but wonder if the adults that are so excited about them had a poor or no art education and it is their way of thinking they are being creative.

I am reminded of a story from when my older son was 4 years old (her’s now 28). We had taken an overnight trip to Boston and while staying at a hotel the waitress brought over a place mat and bran new crayons. The place mat had some coloring book page looking picture. My son looked up at me and asked: “what is this for?” I had only ever given him plain paper to create on and had no idea what the coloring book place mat was for. I just turned it over to the blank side and he was happy as can be.

Interestingly enough, The Art of Ed had a blog post about coloring books recently. And, they put the call out to through their social media and asked people what they thought. The response is all over the place but I am glad they took the time to ask since it provides a full perspective on the topic. 85% of those who responded felt that coloring books for adults are just a fad. What do you think? I guess ‘time will tell’ and in the meantime please just take out your favorite coloring materials and a plain piece of paper and draw, draw, draw! You can read the Art of Ed blog post by CLICKING HERE.


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