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Teaching Artist Roster

June 16, 2016

MAC announces newest additions

Cosmos Paper Sculpture - Karen Brooks

Cosmos Paper Sculpture – Karen Brooks

The Maine Arts Commission (MAC) is pleased to announce the latest Teaching Artists who have been added to the free online PK-Grade 12 Teaching Artist roster. The roster was established in December 2014 and has a total of 56 artists. Artists complete an application process and have demonstrated mastery of an artistic discipline, knowledge and expertise in sequential arts instruction, good communication skills, planning and organizational ability, and an understanding of their target learners.

Tim Christensen - Sgraffito

Tim Christensen – Sgraffito

Teaching Artists are professional artists who are dedicated to lifelong learning and arts education, have made it an integral part of their professional practice, and who have cultivated skills as educators in concert with their skills as artists.

The Teaching Artists are available to conduct high-quality learning opportunities for students (and teachers) in school settings and community organizations that offer arts education. We encourage educators and those responsible for arts education to utilize the roster by communicating directly with the Teaching Artists. Each artist has a profile on the roster that provides information to help you determine if they may be a good match for your school or arts organization.

The roster is located at THIS LINK. CONGRATULATIONS to the following artists who have been added to the roster:

  • Annegret Baier: West African Music and Dance, Cultural exposure and appreciation
  • Karen Brooks: Paper Art, Sculpture and Book Arts
  • Scot Cannon: Music, Mime, Songwriting, Music Recording, Character Education
  • Tim Christensen: Sgraffito on Porcelain, Sculpture, Pottery, Public Art
  • Sara Anne Donnelly: Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Journalism
  • Brian Evans-Jones: Poetry, Creative Writing
  • Gibson Fay-Lablanc: Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction Writing
  • Namory Keita: Traditional West African Drum and Dance

    Nancy Salmon - dancers

    Nancy Salmon – dancers

  • Elly Lovin: Dance, Creative Movement, Yoga
  • Nancy Salmon: Dance
  • Putnam Smith: Music

On August 10 all Teaching Artists, whether a member of the roster or not, will have the opportunity to attend a one-day professional development opportunity being held at the USM Portland campus. Please watch the blog and arts ed list-serv for the details and registration. If you are not a member of the list-serv please email me at and I am happy to add your email address.

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