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Kids Learning and Movement

June 25, 2016

The Atlantic

Just this week my niece visited from out of state for five days with her family including a two and a half year old daughter. It has been some time since I was around a toddler for an extended period. I had forgotten how busy they are and how fascinated they can be with everything around them. Her attention to detail was front and center for her. The two of us went for a walk up the gravel road that I live on and she spotted very small details out ahead of us. She picked up sticks and made music, picked flowers and took off each petal, danced diagonally and backwards, and sang Daisy Bell (better known as Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do) as we walked along.

When she played inside alone with three small plastic animals including two elephants, and a tall giraffe, her imagination seemed charged and the conversation was fast. I wished I could imagine what she was imagining. I know that she was developing and learning independently.

I was sent an article that was about this type of learning and I couldn’t help but thinking about what I had experienced earlier this week. From The Atlantic, May 19, Why Young Kids Learn Through Movement by Lara N. Dotsson-Renta, May 19, provides ‘food for thought’ around children, movement and their learning. I wish that more pre-K and Kindergarten classes provided more movement time for young students.

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