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Summer MALI Institute Day 2

August 12, 2016

Teacher Leader Mandi Mitchell and why she teaches!

Developing ideas and learning from each other

The second day of the initiative was filled with more ideas, questions, and thoughtful research on many topics including proficiency based, student centered, standards, assessment, teacher effectiveness, arts integration, advocacy, and leadership. Each teacher leader and teaching artist leader worked on their plans they will continue develop and put into place during the 2016-17 school year.

Teachers worked in their content groups – theatre, music, and visual arts. Participants did an amazing job of creating and refining an ‘elevator speech’ on one of MALIs ‘This We Believe’ statements. In the end they passionately stated their message in 7 seconds. Teachers created brief statements completing “I teacher because…”.

Veteran MALI teacher leaders Amy Cousins, Jake Sturtevant, and Theresa Cerceo shared stories in their roles as teacher leaders.

Practicing elevator speeches

Practicing elevator speeches

Beth Lambert, Maine Department of Education Visual and Performing Arts Specialist, provided an udpate on the work going on at the Department at the state and federal level.

Everyone’s work generated throughout the day was thoughtful and exciting and will contribute to the high quality teaching that goes on throughout Maine!

The summer institute is in its final day today with an agenda filled with learning opportunities. During the afternoon will be filled with a gallery walk viewing and providing feedback on the teacher leader plans.


Jake Sturtevant, Theresa Cerceo, and Amy Cousins sharing their MALI stories

Jake Sturtevant, Theresa Cerceo, and Amy Cousins sharing their MALI stories


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