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September 8, 2016

In the words of Martin Swinger


Martin Swinger

I was encouraged by my agent, Jean Butler, to attend a workshop with Cheryl Hulteen in Hartford, CT a couple years ago. I agreed to make the drive down from Maine only because I trusted Jean. I’ve been thanking her ever since.

Cheryl Hulteen’s her-story Yes, Yes, Good! shares the real-life experience of an arts educator in an inner-city classroom, spinning ‘To Sir, With Love’ into a whole new category about the effectiveness and JOY of real arts integration in an educational setting.

Cheryly Hulteen

Cheryly Hulteen

She is an inspired teacher who does not fail to plant brilliant ideas and amazing possibilities into the minds of anyone in her presence. Experiencing her workshop is a life-changing event I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone working with children in any educational capacity – especially in the arts!

$40 for lunch and an afternoon with Cheryl Hulteen? TRUST ME on this one – it’ll be the BEST $40 investment in your self in a long time!  I’ll see you there!

Thank you Teaching Artist Martin Swinger for sending me this piece on why others should attend the conference on Thursday, October 6 in Lewiston, 11:30am – 4:00pm, Franco American Heritage Center, Lewiston. 4 contact hours included. For registration please CLICK HERE.

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