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November 8, 2016

Opportunities across the state

MALI_V3_Color_100ppiThe Maine Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI) Mega Regional Conferences will be held throughout the state during the next five months. Each site will have different sessions offered so you may wish to attend more than one Mega. Sessions will be provided by MALI Teacher Leaders and Teaching Artist Leaders. In addition, almost all sites will have technology offerings as well. A portion of the afternoon will feature a Teaching Artist and information on the statewide arts education census that was conducted during the 2015-16 school year. The report will be officially released in December.

The cost to attend each Mega is $25 (unless otherwise indicated). Contact hours for full participation – 5.5 contact hours. In the listing of conference dates below are links to registration for two of the Megas. The others will be available in the near future. For more details (and also to register) please go to http://mainearts.maine.gov/Pages/Education/MALI-Mega-Regionals.

The Megas provide multiple opportunities for the Maine Arts education community to engage in professional development specific to come together to deepen our knowledge, make connections, and learn from each other!



screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-26-amWhere are your Art Standards within the Studio Habits of Mind! presented by Janie Snider, Hancock Grammar School Visual Arts

This workshop will explore the National Visual Art Standards and how they co-exist with the Studio Habits of Mind. The NVAS are written for pre-K through high school. There are many ways to align these standards with the SHOM that already exist in your classrooms! I will share ways that work for me in my K-8 art classroom. Grades K-8

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-32-amEllsworth High School VPA Academy presented by Rebecca Wright Ellsworth High School, Performing ArtsLeah Olson Ellsworth High School, Visual Arts Shannon Westphal Ellsworth High School, Visual Arts

This session will be an overview of the Ellsworth HIgh School Visual/Performing Arts Academy.  The program is in its fourth year and graduated 8 students in 2016. Currently there are approximately 25 students in the program grades 10-12. We will review how the program came into being, the nuts and bolts of how it works, view samples of student work from last year’s capstone and internship projects and you will get to meet some students currently in the program. You will get to interview the students as well as be supplied with samples of our documents and a Q&A session.  Grades 9-12

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-42-amUsing Multiple Intelligences to Teach Students with Disabilities presented by Brigid Rankowski Teaching Artist

Learn how teaching using multiple intelligence can be a way to unlock learning goals for students with disabilities. Grades K-12

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-49-amMore Cowbell presented by  Tim Hart MLTI Apple Learning Specialist

Playing and composing songs on your own is a blast for some, however there’s something special about making music in collaboration with other like-minded folks that just can’t be beat. In this hands-on, music making session, participants will use GarageBand to learn the basics of song writing and music production. Participants will have plenty of time to explore and experience the fun of collaborative music creation. Musicians of any and all skill levels are welcome. Make sure to bring your Mac and/or iOS device with GarageBand installed. All grade levels. Grades K-12

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-57-amIllustrating to Write presented by Ann Marie Quirion Hutton MLTI Apple Learning Specialist, former Art Educator

One creation lends a hand to the other. Illustration is a part of many great stories, extending the ability of ideas to be shared, and increasing enjoyment and comprehension on the part of the reader. Apple technology provides many possibilities for creating illustrations, making drawing and visual images a part of the overall literacy experience. Learn how to use your MacBook Air to draw and paint creative illustrations in this “hands on session”. Bring your MacBook Air with Acorn installed (included with your MLTI participation). Grades K-12


screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-17-05-amBringing It All Together! presented by Sue Barre Waterville Junior and Senior High School Music

In the summer of 2015 the Waterville Senior High School music faculty developed a portfolio. The portfolio has been the piece that guides our work on four school wide initiatives from teacher evaluation to Proficiency Based Education. Participants will receive the portfolio and accompanying rubrics.  Grades K-12


screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-17-10-amEvidence of Learning Through Google presented by Charlie Johnson Mount Desert Island High School Visual Arts Digital Arts Media/Photography

Google offers numerous educator tools within it’s web browser and multiple apps, encouraging exploration and adaptation to almost any teaching style. While Google Classroom has caught on with many educators, this workshop will demonstrate the direct use of not only the Chrome web browser, but also Google Drive, Communities, and Google Draw. As important elements in a structure of collaboration and information sharing and gathering, the endgame of this workshop is that learners can and will produce a summative electronic portfolio in the form of what can be a ubiquitous .PDF file! Grades 7-12, Adaptable for K-6

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-57-amVisual Notetaking/Doodling in Class presented by Ann Marie Quirion Hutton MLTI Apple Learning Specialist, former Art Educator

A combination of sketching and traditional note taking results in rich educational documents to support learning. Studies show that sketching leads to better retention of information and helps clarify ideas. Sketching is one of our original forms of communication. Visualizing ideas is a great way to learn. Why not bring this creative form of learning into your classroom? Explore how visual notes support learning. Discover techniques to create, share and integrate visual notes into your instructional practice. Visual notetaking, often called sketch noting, uses two parts of your brain, which is referred to as Dual Coding Theory. This has been found to improve learning. Research has shown that people who doodle while listening retain 29% more information (Andrade, 2009). Join this hands-on session and start sketching your notes today. Please bring your updated MLTI iPad, if available, with Notability installed. Arts supplies will also be available.  Grades K-12

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-17-24-amMaking 8-bit Art presented by Tim Hart MLTI Apple Learning Specialist

Beginning with early Atari and Nintendo video games, the 8-bit aesthetic has been a part of our culture for over 30 years. No longer just nostalgia art, contemporary 8-bit artists and chiptunes musicians have elevated the form to new levels of creativity and cultural reflection. In this session, we will focus on tools that assist in creating 8-bit images, animations, and music.  Please bring your MLTI MacBook.  Grades K-12

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-17-18-amLooking in the Mirror:  The Importance of Student Self-Reflection presented by Mandi Mitchell Hermon High School Visual Art

Self-assessment is a crucial part of learning. In the arts, it is easy for us to see a concrete product of their learning and understanding of a topic. We don’t always see student learning that happens beneath the surface unless it is verbally or orally communicated. With regular self-assessment integrated in your classroom, students become more aware and take ownership of their learning. All grade levels.  All content.

If you have any questions please contact me at argy.nestor@maine.gov.

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