The Power of Poetry

November 14, 2016

The Lie

At Stedwick Elementary School in Maryland projects are often used as the vehicle for the curriculum because it allows for both the growth of strong community in the classroom as well as engaging and supporting students in high levels of learning. In Ms. Nwoye’s fourth grade class a project that integrated Social Studies and Poetry resulted in the video that you see here. The student work is original and the message is of their choosing.

This powerful video of Maryland students from a project that integrated Social Studies and Poetry shows how they are directly confronting racial and ethnic prejudices. Watch this video of The Lie, and find out how these fourth grade students are helping to grow a strong and equitable community (Marshall Memo).

Directed by: Kevin Pastor
Produced by: Untitled Productions

One comment

  1. Powerful video. I will be sending this along to some of my classes to watch, digest, and possibly prompt an idea of something we can do. More projects about what we can unify behind, ways to obsolesce racism, and how we can be more aware of unconscious and divisive habits are being called for today. No doubt, even people who have not followed the election are getting secondhand some of its polarizing effects through media, friends, and the internet. It is hard to appreciate the power that cameras and free video editing software really have for young people still learning that having a voice is a birthright. Sometimes a simple idea is all that’s needed to guide a project.

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