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December 19, 2016

Two articles

In the Maine Sunday Telegram, 18 December, 2 notable articles this week:

Rick Nickerson

The first article, written by Bob Keyes, is about Music Teacher Rick Nickerson who is one of 10 national finalists for the music educator Grammy Award. Many of you know Rick who has taught at Windham High School for 30 years and is totally committed to his students and community. I posted the initial story at THIS LINK. From one of Rick’s colleagues: “He brings what I like to call vibrant energy to the building,” said Thomas Noonan, who teaches English at Windham. “His students feed off of it, and it informs the whole school and the community. We’re all very happy for him.” This story paints a picture of Rick and what it means for him being a teacher – its not about him but the important work he does teaching, not only music – but life. The $10,000 prize for the winner will be announced in advance of the Grammy Awards TV broadcast on February 12.

Arthur Fink

The second article in the Sunday paper was written by the award winning writer Bill Nemitz, Photographer’s work with ‘short-lived children’ a personal mission is a story about the heart. Photographer Arthur Fink has been taking photos for a volunteer group called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep for 40 years. Arthur is contacted when an infant is going to die to take pictures for the family. He lost his own infant Sarah, whose heart did not function properly 43 years ago when she was six days old. This article tells the story of the amazing work that Arthur does as a photographer. One mother said afterwards: “Arthur caught some very beautiful moments. That was the first time that any of us were able to hold her,” Nicole said. “We all got to share that moment together. And he captured all of that.” Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep calls it bereavement photography‘.  Arthur says: “I just call it love being shared.” I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU ARTHUR! You can read the article by CLICKING HERE.



December 19, 2016

Camden Hills Regional High School

photo-on-12-9-16-at-10-01-amAlmost every year I go to Camden by the Sea. A horse and wagon with bells are jingling, Santa comes through town as part of the parade, the stores are open, and the star glows on top of Mount Battie. In addition there are tables outside the stores where organizations and many student groups are selling baked goods, wreaths, and raffle tickets. I try to support as many of the student groups as possible. I was surprised this year to find a table of students from Camden Hills Regional High School representing the Anime club. They were selling t-shirts and I was glad to speak to the artist. I followed up and sent questions and this is what I learned. These questions were answered by two students, Olivia and Rob.

1. Tell the blog readers about the Anime club at Camden Hills Regional High School (CHRHS).
The CHRHS Anime Club was started by a group of students three years ago. They wanted to share their love of Anime in film, art and cosplay so they got together informally to discuss new ideas. After a couple of months and the group was growing, they asked to form a club. At this point, they asked Lisa Delfino to be their advisor, since they were using her room. The next year, these students applied to the School Board for club status. They were granted temporary status for two years. This year, 2016-17, year three, the Anime Club became official.

photo-on-12-9-16-at-9-39-am2. Are there other Anime clubs in Maine or beyond?                  As far as we know, there doesn’t seem to be any high school Anime Clubs. There are some at Colleges. The CHRHS Anime Club T-shirt was created by Olivia Bubar and Robert “Dodge” Gieseman.

3. How did you get started drawing Anime – what draws you to this type of art?
Olivia: My friend introduced me to it when I was about 10 years old. When I saw it I told myself “I love this style of art!” I am a sophomore (10th grade). I love comic books and graphic novels like Spiderman. I make my own super heroes.
Rob: A few years ago I got started watching Anime and was fascinated with Japanese culture. Then I started drawing it was with a story idea. I wanted to write a graphic novel. I thought the Anime style would be the best choice. I think I was 11 years old. Right now I am in 9th grade (freshman) I am so inspired by comics such as Deadpool or Dr. Strange.

photo-on-12-9-16-at-10-00-am4. Tell the blog readers about your drawing and creation of the t-shirt? Is it a fundraiser for something or does the money go to you as the artist or what is the plan?
Olivia: Rob started doodling on the whiteboard and I drew my character next to his.
Rob: We were coming up with ideas for a t-shirt fundraiser and we came up with a simple design using chibis.
Olivia: Chibis are a much smaller and cuter Anime. My character is Shelby and Rob’s is Toby. They are original characters because we can’t copy anybody’s ideas.
Rob: After we drew the characters on the whiteboard, I took a picture and drew it from the screen in pencil and then Olivia did a marker outline adding the tail on the Neko girl. We took the paper copy to Maine Printing and Embroidery in Warren and they printed it.
The t-shirt was created to raise money for the Anime Club to attend the Anime Convention in Boston April 1, 2017. Money from the shirt will go toward the $55 entrance fee per person.

5. What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
Rob: I have been so inspired by Anime, that I want to go to Japan and study Anime and become a writer/illustrator. I am thinking about the Design Technology program at Mid-Coast School of Technology for a start on illustrating.
Olivia: My answer is pretty much the same as Rob’s. I want to be an illustrator. I am not so sure about using computers for drawing, but I would like to see how to use computers for animation. I am also thinking about going to Mid-Coast School of Technology for Design Technology.

If you know of other Anime clubs in Maine please be sure and let us know them please!

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