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Celebrating Arts Education

January 25, 2017

Excellence in Visual and Performing Arts Education

On December 21 at the Hall of Flags in the State House in Augusta the First Lady Ann LePage, parents and family members, administrators, and officials gathered to recognize student artists and musicians as part of the Excellence in Visual and Performing Arts Education program. Over 90 students were celebrated for their art work or musical contributions.


Students and the First Lady Ann LePage pose for a photo at the celebration on December 21, 2016

The Maine Arts Commission and the Maine Department of Education, in partnership with the First Lady of Maine, Ann LePage, is proud to recognize arts education programs across the state with rotating student art exhibits.  At the celebration student musicians from the schools represented are invited to bring a performing group as part of the program.

Congratulations to the following schools, teachers, and students who are being represented at this time with an exhibit in place until the end of February throughout the State House complex and the Maine Arts Commission. Please stop by during office hours to view the exhibit.

Lisbon School Department

Lisbon High School

Teacher: Pamela Ouellette

Bailey Butler, Christopher Normand, Kierra Bouchard, Antigone Woodbury, Ciera Miller, Emily Chase, Ivy Morris.

Lisbon Community School

Teacher: Jo Martyn-Fisher

Adelle Anderson, Camden Therrien, Hannah Card, Gracie Guay, Olivia Green, Emmett Mooney, Emma St. Pierre

Philip W. Sugg Middle School

Teacher: Nicholas D’alfonso

Maia Tebbets, Dylan Cox, Serena Serrano, Lacey Cram, Emma Tapley, Laura Mockler, Susan Hart

Dr. Levesque Elementary School and Wisdom Middle/High School

Teacher: Theresa Cerceo

Ellie Cyr, Cody Guerrett, Sam Paradis, Annick Gendreau, Ella Jarett, Nevaeh Barclay, Elijah Hayes, Kamden Daigle, Macie Albert, Katelyn Zetterman, Mavrick Levesque, Logan Pelletier, Ella Voisine,Colleen Thamsen, Layne Murphey, Ethan Hayes

Alex Deschaine, Owen Sirois, Amber Albert, Jasmine Demoranville, Daley Pedersen, Kelly Pelletier Deschaine


Woolwich Central School

Teacher: Laura Devin

Kara Munsey, Joy Holbrook, Iris Hennin, Ophelia Hibl, Otto Hible, Lillian Pomerleau

Phippsburg Elementary School

Teacher: Rosemary Polizotto

Addison Cearbaugh, Annabelle Gerow, Nathan Trask, Shelby Norman,Josiah Keller, Braylon Williams

Fisher Mitchell Elementary School

Teacher: Ross Berkowitz

Rebekah St. Pierre, Charlie Thelen, Julia Marlowe, Gavin Woodbury, Miread Glover

Bath Middle School

Teacher: Brandon Ward

Alexandria Nickerson, Josh Haycock, Ben Brewer, Helen Bertlesman

We are presently seeking art work for a show scheduled for the 2017-18 school year. In order to have equitable representation we are seeking artwork from the superintendents regions of York, Mid-coast, Western Maine, and Aroostook. Please consider submitting your students’ artwork. The exhibition guidelines are located at If you are interested in participating, please contact Beth Lambert at 624-6642 or

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