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In Today’s News

May 7, 2017

STE(A)M for young learners

And article published in the Huffington Post and written by Rebecca A. Palacios, Ph.D., Senior Curriculum Advisor for Age of Learning, Inc., the company that produces the website and ABCmouse mobile apps clearly states the value in approaching learning through STEAM.

An excerpt from the article:

“When I began teaching in the mid-1970s, I was taught in my undergraduate studies to incorporate elements of different subjects into my teaching to help children make connections among the ideas they were learning.

What did that look like? If we were learning about buildings, you would see students in my early childhood classes building with blocks; measuring how high their structures were with measuring tapes and drawing what they had built; documenting their work and building over time; and then reading about buildings in their community or around the world. They would paint buildings, draw them, talk about them, and pretend to be builders, carpenters, architects, masons. Our learning centers would change to match the curriculum themes and interests of the children.

Language development and literacy instruction revolved around vocabulary related to their current project, such as the names of the tools, the sizes, colors and parts of the buildings, and words related to building shapes, like rectangle, side, angle, and symmetry. And we also talked about the people who lived or worked in buildings, jobs and money, and connections to other ideas in social studies (food, health, transportation).”

Read the entire article by CLICKING HERE.


In Today’s News

May 7, 2017

Music grant from Little Kids Rock

The Kennebec Journal reports that ten Maine schools will be receiving $5,000 worth of instruments next year. “Little Kids Rock is a national nonprofit whose mission is to build a world where children can live rich, purposeful lives by ensuring that all public school children have the opportunity to unlock their inner music makers.” Read the article by CLICKING HERE.


Senior Showcase

May 7, 2017

Thomas College

What a treat to visit Thomas College recently for their senior showcase. The somewhat nervous dressed up seniors were gathered at the Center for Innovation in Education to share research they had each conducted as part of their semester.

In the words of Dr. Katie Rybakova, assistant professor of education at Thomas:

“On April 26th at 4:00 pm, our senior pre-service teachers gathered together in a research conference poster presentation format to showcase their unit plans and data analysis. Over the course of the semester, our pre-service teachers created a research-driven unit that they then taught in their student teaching placement. They utilized pre and post test data collection to show their student learning gains, learning in the process about how to collect and assess data to help them become more effective teachers! During our senior showcase, they presented a snapshot of their units using research posters and we could not have been prouder of this group of teachers.”

Shauna Gordon

Each student was articulate and poised while sharing information and answering questions about their research. The connections with the arts was evident in several of the research projects. Shauna Gordon worked with grade 3 students and provided a lesson called “Just A Bill” where students listened to a School House Rock song called “I’m Just a Bill” that told the steps of turning a bill into a law. Shauna shared how much the students connected with the song and the direct impact of learning the song. Because of the lesson 91% of the students correctly answered the question about the bills and laws.

You can learn more about the education program at Thomas College at THIS LINK.

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