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Acts of Giving

June 6, 2017

My mom

Today marks, what would have been the 99th birthday of my mother, Sophie P. Nestor. She lived to be 97 and epitomized what “living each day to the fullest” means to me. Throughout her lifetime she gave of herself in multiple ways and cared deeply about helping others. She spoke up when she believed something was wrong and stepped up when something needed to be done. She took on leadership roles and taught hundreds of children over three generations to Greek dance. She loved to dance!

My mom is a member of the Greatest Generation. She loved her homeland of Greece and loved the USA even more. A patriot through and through and proud to share her birthday with D-Day, my dad was part of the more than 160,000 troops who landed on the beach in Normandy that day in 1944. Today I honor my mother for a life lived well and remembering her support and giving ways.

With June underway and the close of another school just around the corner, I know that visual and performing arts educators across our state and our country, in fact, the world have given so much to students. Even though this video refers to “items” of giving, it speaks to me in many ways and hopefully will to you.

My favorites are:

  • 9 “I know every gift comes from the store but it really comes from the heart.”
  • 36 “Its important to give because the world is unequal and unfair and some people have more than other people.”
  • 59 “Even tiny things changes lives.”
  • 66 “I brought my best sweater. I hope somebody will be able to enjoy it.”

My Mom continues to dance in my heart! I know you’ll continue, until the last moment of the school year, to give from yours. Thank you!

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