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Married to a Teacher

June 9, 2017

The view

This has been circling around Facebook during the last month – an article called Why People Who Marry Teachers End Up the Happiest written by Kirsten CorleyI’ve been thinking recently about the characteristics of outstanding teachers and how *we do our best to bring out the best in everyone. Even though we provide feedback to our students which includes ways to improve or expand, we still balance that with the accomplishments. Overall the teacher is a GREAT listener, continuous learning about the needs of each student.

So when I read the article of course I shared it with my husband first and you betcha, I reminded him of how lucky he is! I knew I had to share it with the Maine Arts Ed blog post readers. I know that many of you are married to teachers as well as being a teacher yourself. Aren’t you the lucky ones! Whether you agree or not with the article, I recommend it for the end of the year reading! Below is a segment of the article and to read the entire article CLICK HERE.

Being a teacher isn’t just about teaching a subject and hoping the kids do well on a test, it’s about teaching these kids and young adults about who they can be, what they can amount to and shape future generations simply by believing in them maybe when others haven’t.

*Notice I say “we”. Even though I’ve been out of the classroom for 11 years this summer I still think of myself as a teacher. After 30 years IN the classroom it is difficult to think differently!

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