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The Surprise Nest

June 14, 2017


Amy Donovan-Nucci, one of our new Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Teacher Leader’s who teaches grades K-3 visual arts at Horace Mitchell School in Kittery shared a funny story recently. She gave me permission to share it with the Maine arts ed blog post readers. The end of the school year craziness is sometimes magnified when things happen that we don’t expect. It takes problem-solving skills to navigate the situations. In Amy’s own words…

I have been running an Art Club for 2nd graders in our school, and 30 signed up and how can I say “too full” to those excited faces!?
Then, after planning out every detail for a clay installation in our stairwell, the kiln exhaust pipe was discovered to have a 2′ long bird’s nest inside….which set me back a tad, and boy did that make a mess!
Complete with my having to bleach my desk due the amount of FEATHERS that fell and that I couldn’t eat my lunch that day either…as feathers touched my apple!  (Ew).  
No birds were harmed, we just had a hungry art teacher telling soooo many students they had to be “flexible” and then showed them the pictures and they were AMAZED.
I was amazed at the photos as well and imagined telling elementary students that they had to be “flexible”. Ah, yes the arts teach us many things and some that we never dreamed could be.
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