How Will You Spend Summer?

June 15, 2017

Summer is ‘acoming

With summer just around I’m sure your planning for the time away from school. How will you spend your summer break? Last week the Teachers Edition, a publication put out electronically from the US Department of Education, asked teachers that question. Below is what they heard from educators:

5. “Rest, reflect, renew to be rejuvenated and ready for the year.” Teacher, New York

4. “Fellowships, family time and planning for next year!” Teacher, California

3. “After a long school year, I’m going to spend my summer reinvesting in myself and my family.” Teacher, Illinois

2. “My plans are to do nothing. Just kidding, I have professional development every week this summer!” Teacher, Utah

1. “I plan to spend time with family and friends, teach a class, and take part in PD.” Teacher, Delaware

How about you? How will you spend your summer break? Perhaps with a good book at the beach. Id you have any recommendations please let me know by posting a comment at the end of this blog post OR you can email me your answer at argy.nestor@maine.gov.

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